Rant about sites claiming to give PSN codes for free

Rant about sites claiming to give PSN codes for free

Jul 22

The thing I hate the most is when I get emails from our competitors asking us to basically stop stealing all the thunder.  We can’t help that our website is growing like a wild fire, we can’t stop it.  Our website is going viral and nothing is going to stop that unless we close shop, which is not going to happen any time soon.  In the email I got today, they got mad at us because some of our visitors have posted on their fan page saying that our website was better.  We didn’t ask our visitors to post that, it’s not our fault that we actually give out real PSN Codes.  The part that is hilarious is that the emails I get from others complaining are from sites that don’t even give out real codes.  How can you complain when your website is a scam?

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I really hate these websites that are stealing peoples information and not even giving them what they came for.  If it was me, I would take down all of the fake websites.  People have the hardest time finding legitimate sites to get PlayStation Network cards from.  We’re not the only ones that actually give out real codes, we’re just the only one that was very successful.  I wish these other websites could be as popular as ours.  It’s ridiculous that sites that give out fake PSN codes get more attention that some of the real sites.  I’ve reached out to some of these websites before and asked them if they would like to merge with our website to help us grow and every single one of them was determined that they were going to grow by themselves without my help.

And they’re getting mad at us for growing too fast?  The sad part is that we’ve not went out and promoted our website.  We’ve done no physical advertising, all of the fame and glory we’ve built up was all from you guys.  What do you mean by that you may ask?  All the sharing on Facebook, Twitter and Google + has helped us grow.  Because it’s a viral effect, if one person shares it then theres a possibility that another person is going to see it and do the same thing.  The process never ends, which means we’ll never stop growing until we shut our website down.  We hope to give out PSN codes for as long as possible, we love all the feedback we get and we want to continue to grow until we are recognized by IGN and other major game communities.

I apologize for this rant, I just thought you guys should know about this email.  You can imagine that i’ll respond with some very colorful words here in a little bit.  I bet the guy that sent me this email will read this and back off, but I don’t want to call him out too much.  We will never; stop growing and giving out PSN codes I can guarantee that!

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  1. Logan

    Wow.. That’s retarded. You can’t stop a website from growing in popularity..

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